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Snack dessert processing machine
puffed food extruder machine
Puffed Food Making Machine
This machine can make many kinds of puffed food, like corn flakes, pet food, pasta any any other puffed food. It is the very hot selling in the world
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snow ice shaver
Snow Ice Shaver Machine
Suitable for the hotel, bar, leisure coffee restaurant to make cool ,refreshing and delicious ice drink
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ice cream machine
Soft Ice Cream Machine
This machine is our factory new developed hot sale small tabletop ice cream machine. It is widely used for commerical and home use.
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popsicle machine
Popsicle machine
Suitable for fast food shops, food processing factories, ice producing factories and other places requiring a large amount of ice.
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pizza cone display machine
Cone Pizza Display Wamer
Cone pizza display cabinet, pizza cone warmer showcase
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peanut coating machine
Nuts sugar coating machine
This machine is mainly used for making pellet, film coating on tablets. It can also be used for making ball shape products or granules, mixing, and polishing, etc. Such as: chocolate polishing, peanut coating, sugar coating, seasoning, producing tapioca
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potato chips making machine
French Fries/Potato Chips Production Line
Our company offer all type of potato chips product line for different capacity. The line can process fresh potato to the potato chips/french fries/crisp as you required.
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waffle making machine
Waffle Making Machine
The machine made of stainless steel ,easy to clean and durable easy to operate, short time to bake more be widely used in dessert shop, snack shop and so on
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frying ice cream machine
Fried Ice Cream Machine
Thai Fried ice cream roll machine is a new type of mixing ice machine, can make the hard and soft ice cream. In addition, before the production can join different fruits, you can also add some ornament snacks, such as fruit, nuts, candy, biscuit, etc. It
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egg roll forming machine
Egg Roll Forming Machine
The Commercial cone baker is designed for baking waffle with independent heat control and aluminum molds . The baking molds are made of high grade aluminum with high thermal conductivity
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donut making machine
Donut Making Machine
Donut making machine small production machine method: 1. Ingredients: powder (or high powder), milk, light cream, white sugar, eggs, milk powder, yeast, baking powder, salt, butter.. 2. Decoration materials: chocola, milk, coconut shred, powdered suga
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