Fresh Noodles Making machine
Model : LMTM6-260
The size of roller (mm) : R138*260
Capacity (kg/h) : 235kg/h
Size (L×W×H)(mm) : 220x63x137cm
Weight (kg) : 860
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Automatic Noodle Making Machine
Lima Machinery has a comprehensive range of noodle making machine which is widely used to make rice, wheat and other kinds of noodles. It can make different shape noodle by changing the molds. Automatic transfer, forming in one time, cutting and hanging by itself.

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fresh noodles


Fresh Noodle Making Machine

1. The noodle making machine can make many kinds of noodles, such as pancake, roundness, pasta.

2. It is made from stainless steel, safe and reliable.

3. Small volume, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

4. Flexible operation, stable performance, high production efficiency.

5. It is absolutely the first choice of the noodle making machine.



Fresh Noodle Forming Machine 

5 Group rollers

Model GLTM 5-250 GLMT 5-300
Roller size (mm) R 138*250 R138×300
Capacity (kg/h) 220kg/h 240kg/h
Motor (kw) 3 3
Size (L×W×H)(mm) 150x65x137cm 150x75x137cm
Weight (kg) 550 650

6 Group rollers

Model GLTM6-260 GLMT6-300 GLTM6-330
Roller size (mm) R138*260 R1388300 R138*330
Capacity (kg/h) 235kg/h 240-260kg/h 260-280kg/h
Motor (kw) 3 4 4
Size (L×W×H)(mm) 220x63x137cm 240x68x137cm 240x71x137cm
Weight (kg) 860 910 970

7 Group rollers

Model GLTM 7-260 GLMT 7-300 GLTM 7-330
Roller size (mm) R138*260 R138×300 R138*330
Capacity (kg/h) 260kg/h 280kg/h 320kg/h
Motor (kw) 4 4 4
Size (L×W×H)(mm) 260x68x137cm 290x68x137cm 290x68x137cm
Weight (kg) 910 980 1060

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