Peanut Roasting Machine
Model : LMRM-120R
Voltage : 220V
Power : 1.5KW
Capacity : 50kg/time
Dimension : 1500*800*1560mm
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Peanut Roasting Machine
Suitable for processing all kinds of nuts, grain seeds, and fruits, such as chestnut, peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, rapeseed, coffee beans, red dates, sesame seeds, walnuts, all kinds of beans, wheat, and rice. The machine outline can be round or square, which can be customized as required.

Nut Roasting Machine Highlights
1. Using a unique roller horizontal structure, heating evenly, good sealing, stew frying effect is particularly good.

2. The back cover can be opened for maintenance and repair.Electric heating roasted machine with a temperature controller to adjust the temperature arbitrarily.

3. Inside the outer sandwich of the drum select high quality asbestos insulation material, insulation layer performance is good, high thermal efficiency.

4. The internal brackets are made of thicker steel plates,the appearance is beautiful and luxurious.

5. Heating is quick and uniform to guarantee the temperature demand of various kinds of roasted seeds.

6. During frying, the fried material in the drum stir-fried of three-dimensional.

7. As long as press switch,materials can be turned to siege separation, without manual separation.  

8. Peanut sheeling machine as well as peanut peeling machine are also supplied.

Machine Shows

Model Voltage Capacity(Kg/Time) Power(KW) Dimension(MM) Weight (Kg) Heating Type
LM30R 220V 5-12.5kg 0.37 1020*480*830 60 Gas heating
LM30D 220V/380V 5-12.5kg 4.87 1020*480*830 71 electrical heating
LM60R 220V 10-25Kg 0.37 1120*580*1000 90 Gas heating
LM60D 220V/380V 10-25Kg 7.57 1120*580*1000 95 electrical heating
LM120R 220V 20-40Kg 2.2 1500*800*1560 155 Gas heating
LM120D 220V/380V 20-40Kg 11.2 1500*800*1560 165 electrical heating
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