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Milk and fruit filling and packing
Plastic bag packing machine
Plastic Bag Packing Machine
plastic bag packing machine can pack any kinds of nuts, chips,drink, tea, sugar, seeds, powder soup materials such as packaging.
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egg separate machine
Egg white and yolk separate machine
The machine is widely used in egg processing factory, egg wholesale and deep egg process industry, bakery shop for cake and biscuit and other related food enterprises, etc.
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milk pasteurization machine
Pasteurization machine
Pasteurization machine is suitable for low temperature below 100 DEG C for packaging vegetables, meat products, and milk, leisure food, cans, glass bottles, pickled vegetables, seasoning packet and jellies (boiling water) continuous sterilization and cool
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liquid pasteurization machine
Liquid pasteurization machine
The machine adopts bubble bath cleaning,suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables cleaning, can be customized according to the volume of production,
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egg peeling machine
Egg peeling machine
This egg peeling machine is the best choice for making boiled quail eggs, spiced eggs, Iron eggs, Red painted egg etc
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vacuum packing machine
Vacuum Packing Machine
Vacuum packing machine is suitable for powder, grain, something with little liquid, such as foodstuff, electronics, medical, chemical, etc industries. 
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packing machine
Quantitative packing machine
The quantitative packing machine is the combination of computer weighing and packaging machine, with the function of automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic zero-cleaning, automatic accumulation,
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liquid filling and packing machine
Liquid Filling Machine
This machine is widely used for packing various kinds of bags: fruit shape bag, bottle shape bag, spout bag, straw bag etc,also can filling stand up pouch without spout or with spout.
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